Friday, August 28, 2009

TR #2 - Colorado (Part 1)

I am now a firm believer that everything is bigger in Colorado. The mountains are tall and the rides are long. Larissa and I got a chance to tag a long with Ben and Laura for a four day trip to Crested Butte. Ben had spent some quality time patrolling at the Crested Butte ski resort in the winter and wandering the bike trails in the summer, so we designated Ben as our tour guide. Needless to say, Ben did not let us down.

We got into town on Thursday afternoon, and headed for a stroll on the Snodgrass trail to get warmed up for the weekend. I did seem to be breathing a bit harder than usual as we were staying at an elevation of 9,300' and the riding only went up from there.

After a night of eating dank pizza with fresh figs, we headed out the next morning to the 401 trail. The 401 trail received the runner-up for trail of the year in Bike Magazine, so I was it wouldn't disappoint. Prior to leaving for the day, Ben recommended we link the 403 trail to the 401 trail. Being new to the area, I gladyly agreed. Little did I know it would be 7 hours, 40 miles, and 4,800' vertical of climbing before we were back at the condo. We were all a bit worked, but extremely stoked for such a sick day in the mountains. The climbing was tough, the descents fast and flowy, and the scenery was off the charts. If someone asked me to link the 403 trail to the 401 again, there would be no hesitation in my decision. "Yes!"

Larissa and I with Mt. Crested Butte in the background. Doing a bit of acclimatizing on the Snodgrass trail.

It was still all smiles at this point prior to the real suffer fest. At the top of Washington Gulch headed for the 403 trail.

Contemplating in the mountains. We have to ride how far?

Larissa ghost riding towards Gothic Road.

The summit of the 2nd mountain pass for the day. But wait, it isn't over yet.

Finally arriving at our destination. Just a bit more of climbing before a ripping downhill.

Right at this moment I was discovering what the Rocky Mountain High was all about. This photo was taken around mile 30 and well over 11,000 ft. and somehow I was feeling good, actually a bit buzzed. It is amazing how the mind can play tricks on the body, I was somehow convinced that I could ride forever.

Larissa hammering out 40 miles and 4800 ft. of Vertical of climbing all in style.

Ben scouting the descent on the 401 trail. Are we there yet?

Sick Views at the end of another sick day.
(Stay Tuned, For Crested Butte Part 2)