Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turkey Day

With a beautiful Saturday brewing in the Wasatch, Larry and I decided to go for a bi-canyon journey. We dropped a car in Mill Creek Canyon and headed for the Butler Fork Trailhead in Big Cottonwood. The ski descent for the day was off the summit of Gobbler's Knob down the north face to the car parked at the Porter's Fork Trail head in Mill Creek. Needless to say, the stoke was high, as this is an area that Larry and I have discussed on more than a few hazy nights.

The summit of Gobbler's provided us with endless views of the Wasatch ski terrain, stirring dreams for the future. The down was the highlight and ranks near the top of my backcountry ski descents. The sun produced high levels of serotonin in the brain, the sky was blue, the snow was smooth cream powder, and the skiing was fun from off the summit (10,242 ft) all the way to the car (5,950 ft). Gobbler's offers wide open rolling terrain at a perfect pitch, and did I mention it is a long run. The mental test of bushwhacking on non-existent hiking trails often associated with exiting a backcountry line was not the case. The Porter Fork trail was perfect for a James Bond style ride down the mountain, leaving me with nothing but smiles as I hit the gate.

A little video action of the lower section:

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