Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Give it a Y

Larry and I got the opportunity to ski the Y-Couloir in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The Y is a true Wasatch Gem in that offers 3,200 ft. of vertical at a consistent 40° pitch. Getting to the top of the Y is fairly simple. Load your skis on your pack and start bootin. The Y is the true Stairmaster.
Just about the time I thought I was core for hiking the Y, I was quickly slapped in the face, when a crazy Euro dude popped his head over the summit. He had hiked up in Timberland work boots and ripped blue jeans, not to mention he was lacking a sliding apparatus to get him back down. Yes, he hiked down the same boot pack that he came up in.

The Y Couloir in all its Glory
At this point I was really wishing Larry would have fixed the hole in his pants.

Coal Pit Headwall. It's on the list.

Are you sure I am going the right way?

Larry testing out the rocks of the Y.

Larry checking out the traffic jam on LCC Road.

Which way do I go?

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