Monday, June 29, 2009

The Summer Shred Is On

After 3 weeks of daily rain at the beginning of June the weather has finally cleared and the upper elevation trails are starting to shed their snow. Summer riding is in full swing and I am working on my tick list of trails for the season. The riding season has jumped off to a good start with my first Super D Race at Wolf Mountain and and an afternoon shralp on the Wasatch Crest Trail with Darek. Larissa and I also got to hit an epic while visiting McCall, ID for Walt and Devin's Wedding. The Ruby Meadows/Loon Lake Loop outside of McCall rivals any ride that I have done in both scenery and enjoyment.

The heavens unleashed the rains right at the start of the Super D race at Wolf Mountain. Made for a slick course.

Can't get enough of the views on the Crest Trail. Still quite a bit of snow on the peaks of the Wasatch. Maybe enough for a 4th of July ski?

Darek finds one of the few patches of snow left on the Crest Trail.

Larissa burning up the Loon Lake Loop.

The singletrack through the burn section on the Loon Lake trail rivals the burn section on the Fisher Creek Loop in Sun Valley.

Larissa scored a new 5 inch rig this spring and she has definitely been getting her shred on.

Sick views and singletrack along the Secesh River.


  1. need to make some rehydratable skis and boots to carry with you. i'm getting into biking more and more now.

  2. Shred it brotha - good to see you guys up in McCall!